Essential New Parent Courses

We've curated the most helpful courses we've come across for new parents, caregivers, and grandparents.

Each of the courses that we recommend were created by experts in their fields. The recommendations they make are research-based and medically sound. Their courses are professionally produced and available to watch on your own schedule.


    The must-take safety course for all first-time parents AND grandparents.

    Ryan Sharman (NREMT-P) is a current paramedic and firefighter and the owner of 1st On Scene CPR. He currently holds the rank of Lieutenant at a high-volume urban fire department in Southeast Florida. He has been teaching CPR and emergency medical courses for over a decade.  

    What you'll learn:

    Baby-proofing your home

    Safety in the car / Installing a car seat

    Infant choking interventions

    Infant CPR (0-1 year)

    Child CPR (1 year +)

    Unexpected Injuries & controlling a bleed

    With helpful extras like the Safety Supply Kit Checklist, Home Fire Safety Checklist, Infant Sleep Safety Checklist, Car Seat Checklist and Home Safety Checklist!

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    Ready to make great sleep a priority?

    Kim is a licensed family therapist and mother of two daughters. She has personally helped over 20,000 tired parents all over the world get a good night’s sleep… without letting their children cry it out alone.

    Sleep regressions… Teething… Night feedings… Feeling like a refreshed, recharged, and patient parent comes down to one thing… Sleep. And if you're here, I’m guessing no one in your family is getting much of it. By now, you've probably tried anything and everything to help your baby (and your family) sleep but nothing works...

    What you'll learn:

    Nighttime Routines

    Early Rising

    Night Feeding

    Nap Time

    Sleep Regressions


    With helpful extras like a personalized sleep plan, the Sleep Lady Facebook group, and a 1:1 Gentle Sleep Coach ® Sleep Plan & Assessment Review.

    ✅ The team at Curious Baby has reviewed this course and recommends it to our community and our own families.
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