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Parenting can be tough. We’re here to help make playtime meaningful and stress-free. Lean on our cards to know what to do with your little one, and why it’s important. Everything for an entire year in one handy little book!

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We’ve all been there before

Parenting can be tough, but we’ve made it just a little bit easier with our activity cards

What are ‘Activity Cards,' anyway?

Think of them like flashcards with creative playtime ideas to help you engage and support your little one’s development. And they’re made by a team of pediatricians, therapists and experts based on modern early childhood research. So it’s like you've got a team of experts right in your pocket.
See which developmental skill you’re working on

The activities included in our book span a range of five key developmental areas for child development:

  • Speech and Language
  • Physical/Gross Motor
  • Sensory and Fine Motor
  • Cognitive Development
  • Emotional and Social

You'll see the specific area highlighted on each activity that you do together, so you'll always know what you're working on together.

Learn with clear illustrations

Each activity has a clear illustration that helps guide you on how to play. All of our illustrations were carefully designed to be inclusive of all genders, caregivers and backgrounds.

Understand why each activity matters

We’ll tell you why each activity is important to your child's growth so you’re able to learn how to continue supporting them in other activities that you do together!

Know what comes next with milestones

When will baby talk? When should my baby be rolling? When should we try baby sign-language? Don’t worry. Every three months, we’ll break down all of the things that you should be seeing for your baby and what’s coming up next. But not in a 'judgy' kind of way. We know that every child is unique. We give you the most important info so you can know what’s coming up next, without any added stress.

See which developmental skill you’re working on
Learn with clear illustrations
Understand why each activity matters
Know what comes next with milestones

A family of products for every stage

We started with Curious Baby Cards, and you asked for more. We listented. Now here are all of the sets we’ve created for you.
Curious Baby Cards

Curious Baby Cards

Ages 0-12 months
Curious Toddler Cards
#1 Toddler Book

Curious Toddler Cards

Ages 12-24+ months
Speech & Language Cards
New Product – Made by SLPs!

Speech & Language Cards

Ages 0-36 months
High-Contrast Cards
Supports Newborn Vision

High-Contrast Cards

Ages 0-3 months

We believe play matters

We’re on a mission to make early childhood education accessible and stress-free for all parents and caregivers
We value the environment and use recycled paper and minimal plastic packaging
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We’re parents, too.

We created Curious Baby™️ Activity Cards after we had our first born and quickly realized we had no idea what to do. Overwhelmed by sleep, feeding, and general exhaustion, we were looking for a better resource to help guide us during her 'awake time'...