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We're parents. Just like you.

We’re on a mission to provide simple and fun developmental activities to parents, grandparents and caregivers—and we thank you for letting us play a part in your child’s growth

It started with Curious Baby Cards.

After our first daughter Frances was born, we were exhausted. We had so many things to figure out from sleep schedules to food allergies to nutrition and feeding. And we could barely keep our eyes open during the day.

Like many first-time parents, we were in survival mode. "Sleep when the baby sleeps!" they say. Not, "Spend time researching developmental activities while they sleep."

But that was our biggest challenge. We knew how important these early days, weeks and months were for her development, but we didn't know what to do in real life.

We struggled to find resources that wouldn't put us right to sleep or require more 'stuff' into our home. We wanted a modern, accessible, yet trusted resource. And it had to be both screen-free and simple.

We quickly found out that we weren't the only ones that felt this way. Our close friends were also asking us, "What do you do all day with a new baby?" And we didn't really know what to say to help.

So we got to work. After two years of research, we created our book of infant activities. We assembled a medical advisory team to refine, review, and edit our activities alongside us. And we ended up with our bestselling book of age-appropriate and engaging activities.

This is how Curious Baby Activity Cards, was born.

We've grown, but our values remain the same.

Since the start, we've launched a series of books aimed at helping provide education for new parents. From our Curious Toddler Cards to our High-Contrast Cards to our Speech & Language Cards, you'll find the same intentions in every product:

  • Designed for engaging in playtime at home
  • No app or screens to distract you
  • Using the things you already have in your home
  • No extra materials, subscriptions, or trips to the craft store
  • A focus on sustainability and creating value through spending intentional time together

We hope that Curious Baby products bring you peace and joy while spending time with your little one.

Parenthood is a journey, and we're grateful to be able to play a part in yours.

With love,

Mark & Lizzy

What you can expect from us.

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Curious Baby is an educational development brand a mission to provide accessible education and research to all parents, grandparents, and caregivers.

We are active in giving back and lifting up those in our community. A portion of all Curious Baby Sales go towards charitable causes, plus you're supporting a women-owned, sustainable family-owned small business with every purchase.

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