How to Prep for Baby's First Haircut

How to Prep for Baby's First Haircut

Jan 06, 2022Guest Contributor
This is a guest blog post written by Rebecca Bavli, CEO and Founder of T is for Tame. T is for Tame makes organic and natural haircare products for babies. 

Like any “first,” your baby’s first haircut can be an emotional experience for you as a new parent. You may have been putting this off because those precious locks are just too cute to touch, but it's finally time for a clean cut and for your little one to finally start growing up! 😭 

While it may seem like a simple task, cutting a child's hair is a bit more challenging than an adult's. It's hard to keep them still and they can't tell you what style they prefer, so there's a lot that goes on in prepping for their first cut.  In order to make it as easy as possible for you, we have gathered some tried and true tips to make their first haircut experience successful for both you and baby! Let's go. 

Pick a location

The first step is deciding where you'll be cutting baby's hair. 

If you're going to cut it yourself, we recommend choosing a place outside where cleanup will be easy (like your backyard or a front porch). It can be helpful to place your child somewhere where they can't easily move, so their highchair with a safety belt attached can work really well for this. 

If you're going to a salon, choose a location that is geared towards kids. Many have child-friendly chairs (like cars, spaceships, or animals) that make it fun and the stylists at these salons are extra patient. They already spend all day coaxing smiles from little ones and they know how to get the job done.

Depending on where you live, you will likely be able to find several chain kids salons (i.e., Snip-its, etc ) and some local ones if you prefer a more boutique experience. 

Tip: Save the barber for a more adult trip, as they often use clippers which can be loud and overstimulating for a first timer. 

Choose the right time

For the first time, we recommend going during the week and during your local school hours. The salon will be quiet, with less waiting when most older children are in school.  Make sure to have plenty of time before nap so that your baby isn’t too tired for their first experience. The appointment itself will be short – only 20-30 minutes – but you want it to be a good time. It will help set the stage for future positive haircut experiences. 

Try to pick a salon close to home so that your baby doesn’t fall asleep or get hungry on the way to the appointment. 

What to bring

Comfort and distractions are key to making the first haircuts a success.  A first haircut is the time to have your bag of tricks at the ready, whether that be a favorite stuffy, snack or your go-to electronics.  You know your child best and what will help to distract and calm them during this new and potentially overwhelming experience. 

If your little one gets a bit too scared, you can have them cut their hair while sitting on your lap. Mom’s lap is often a comforting, safe place for the first timer to sit and you can help contain wiggly bodies and drifting arms, while keeping baby away from the scissors. 

Becky T is for Tame Haircut

Becky gets her little one's hair cut on her lap in a local salon

Save the memories

In all the excitement, don’t forget to take photos with either a professional camera or your phone. Like walking, or smiling, it is one of the memories you will want to capture for the baby book. And after the haircut is over, your baby may look older and more grown-up to you, so you'll cherish the before/after photos later on. 

And if you so choose, don’t forget to save those very first locks. A simple baggie with their name and date or a more elaborate book with enclosed envelope work well.  

Stay calm, mom or dad

Most importantly, try your best to stay calm and enjoy this milestone. It can be an emotional time for parents, but your baby will feed off you, so make sure to keep your emotions in check and stay positive and excited. It can be stressful, but hopefully with some of these tips it can make it an enjoyable experience for both you and your little one 


Have you had your baby's first haircut yet? What age was it and how did it go? Share your story with us in the comments below!



Rebecca Bavli, CEO and Founder of T is for TameRebecca Bavli, CEO and Founder of T is for Tame.  Becky is a mom to Charlotte and Jacob, her 5 year old twins. When they were born with wild hair, she researched natural products to tame their tresses and after not finding anything, she created her own line of styling products for babies. Now her products are sold worldwide. And Take 15% off her amazing products with code TAME15 at checkout!

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