Expansion Pack: High-Contrast Infant Vision Development Cards

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♻️ 100% FSC Responsibly Sourced Paper

We include two high-contrast cards in our Curious Baby Activity Cards, but you've been asking for more! So we created a new set of unique, stimulating, and artistic cards for your little one to look at. 

We've created a fun set of unique high-contrast images to entertain and help your infant grow. Our ring-bound set is printed on the same high-quality and water-resistant cardstock as our bestselling activity cards. 



Set of 26 double-sided cards (50 images total) to stimulate visual development and cognitive activity during the first few weeks of life. 

We Value Safety
  • All parents, grandparents, caregivers, customers, or users of Curious Baby™ must ensure strict supervision of the child at all times during all activities
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