3 Helpful Videos to Get a Great Breastfeeding Latch

3 Helpful Videos to Get a Great Breastfeeding Latch

Nov 26, 2021Lizzy Greenburg

Breastfeeding can be hard. One of the most challenging parts of becoming a new mom for me was learning how to breastfeed my baby.  Some women are born with the magic touch to make it a breeze, but for me it was quite a challenge. After a number of visits with lactation consultants and a lot of tears shed in frustration or pain, we eventually we got the hang of it together. But it wasn't easy. 

To help other mothers going through this same challenge, I've gathered the three of the most helpful videos online to demystify this unique process that doesn't come as naturally as you may have thought. 

Let's dive-in to it. 

1. Deep Latch Technique

This woman really knows what's up. At some low points in my journey, I thought about how lucky I would be if I lived in LA and could go have her come over and help me. Imagine if she was your grandma! 

2. Pain-free Breastfeeding

This video did a great job explaining positioning for some awkward ones (side-lying anyone? Laid-back?). 

3. Getting a good Latch

This video does a good job breaking the steps down and using her hand models to give you an idea of how latching should be done. 


But Remember, Fed is Best, So Take Care of Yourself First

There's no shame at all in feeding your baby any way that works best for you both. Whether that be formula, breastmilk, or a mix of both. As you journey through this time together, remember that if it's too painful, doesn't feel right, or simply is affecting your mental health, the best thing for you and your baby is to take care of yourself. A healthy and happy mama is what your baby needs to thrive, and so ignore any pressure you may have put on yourself to make it work if it isn't working for you. It's perfectly okay to get your baby the nutrition they need any way that feels right. Fed is best. 

Good luck mama! and may the latch be with you :)

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