Lizzy's Favorite Gifts

Lizzy's Favorite Gifts

Oct 16, 2023Lizzy Greenburg

When it comes to parenting, one size certainly does not fit all. Every baby is unique, and their developmental needs evolve at different rates. That's why a baby's first year is a whirlwind of growth and discovery. And Lizzy Greenburg understands this all too well as a mom of two and founder of this early educational company, Curious Baby.

Her commitment to providing parents with the education and skills to nurture curiosity and stimulate development has given her a unique perspective on finding the right toys for every age. And with the holidays coming just around the corner, now is the best time to get started on your shopping lists early. 

In this blog post, we'll explore Lizzy Greenburg's carefully selected picks, organized into four distinct age groups: 0-3 months, 4-9 months, 9-12 months, and 12+ months.

Picks for Months 0-3

The first three months of a baby's life are all about comfort, bonding, and sensory development. Lizzy's picks for this age group focus on helping parents create a nurturing environment. Some of her top choices include:

  1. Developmental Activity CardsLife with a newborn can be overwhelming at times. To help reduce the mental load and give new parents a break, we recommend the Curious Baby Activity Cards as they can help make playtime enjoyable and stress-free from day one. 🎁 Shop Curious Baby Cards.

  2. Black and White Books: Contrasting colors stimulate visual development. Black and white books with simple shapes capture a newborn's attention. We recommend the High-Contrast Expansion Pack to engage your little one.  🎁 Shop High-Contrast Cards.

  3. Baby Play Gym: Hanging mobiles above the crib help improve focus and encourage early tracking skills. Choose those with natural colors and gentle movement. 🎁 Shop PlanToys Play Gym

Picks for Months 4-9

As your baby reaches the 4-9 month stage, their curiosity and motor skills start to blossom. Lizzy's selections for this age group encourage exploration and development:

  1. Books about KindnessKindness begins with babies! Introducing concepts of kindness and compassion at the earliest stages of learning helps the idea stick as little ones grow. 🎁 Shop Baby's First Kind Words

  2. Sensory Toys: Hands-on play encourages fine motor skill development as little ones shake grasp and toss the tumbling toys. 🎁 Shop Sensory Tumbling

  3. Baby Sign Language Books: Introducing basic signs helps bridge the communication gap until your baby can speak. 🎁 Shop Sign Language Books

  4. Movement ToysPush the penguin gently and watch it tumble, toys like these encourages visual development for babies. 🎁 Shop Penguin Tumbler

Picks for Months 9-12

As your baby becomes more mobile, Lizzy's picks for months 9-12 focus on toys that promote crawling, standing, and interactive play:

  1. Push Toys: Encourage early walking with push toys that provide stability and support. 🎁 Shop Bird Walker Push Toy

  2. Shape Sorters: Encourage your child's recognition of colors and shapes while developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. 🎁 Shop Shape Sorters

  3. Activity Stacking Blocks: Activity blocks can encourage kinesthetic learning. Stacking and knocking down blocks can provide hours of entertainment while enhancing hand-eye coordination. 🎁 Shop Activity Blocks

  4. Cuddly Friends: These eco-friendly plush animals can provide emotional comfort and security to your little one. These soft and huggable toys can offer a sense of companionship and reassurance to toddlers, which can be particularly important during times of separation or bedtime. 🎁 Shop All O.B. Designs

Picks for 12+ Months

By the time your baby reaches 12+ months, they're ready for more complex and interactive toys. Lizzy Greenburg's picks in this category foster imagination and continued learning:

  1. Nature Kaleidoscope: This is one of our ultimate favorite toys. Little ones can put their favorite objects inside and experience a swirling explosion of brilliant colors. They can also explore objects around them and see what they discover through the lens. As educational as it is entertaining, this kaleidoscope fosters creativity, imaginative thinking and curiosity. 🎁 Shop Nature Kaleidoscope

  2. Supporting Speech Development: These cards were designed to help your infant and toddler develop speech and language skills with 26+ engaging activities that are backed by research. Give your little one the best start in developing their speech and language skills with our easy activities that don’t require any materials. Use what you already have at home.  🎁 Shop Speech and Language Development Cards

  3. Engage them with Books: Reading books like "The Busy Train" to your child introduces them to new words and phrases. It helps expand their vocabulary and language comprehension as they listen to the story. This exposure to language is vital for their communication skills. 🎁 Shop the Busy Train Book

  4. Outdoor Play Equipment: Delivery Bike: Riding a delivery bike toy, whether it's a push-along or a tricycle, encourages physical activity. It allows toddlers to engage in gross motor movements, such as pedaling, steering, and pushing, which can help develop their strength, balance, and coordination. 🎁 Shop Delivery Bike

🎁 Shop all of the toys in the Curious Baby Developmental Toy Shop from ages 0-4 years! 🎁 

Keep Encouraging Curiosity 

Lizzy's curated picks for each age group reflect her deep understanding of child development and her commitment to nurturing curiosity in babies.

Whether your little one is just a few months old or a toddler exploring the world, these selections offer a valuable guide for parents looking to support their child's growth and development.

Remember, every child is unique, and these picks provide a versatile array of options to suit a variety of interests and foster a lifelong love of learning in your curious baby.

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