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📚 Our Favorite Father's Day Books!

May 27, 2021Lizzy Greenburg
Straight from our bookshelf to you, here are some fun reads that we enjoy in our house that make wonderful gifts for Father's Day.  These came right off our bookshelf so they are the ones we read often with both of our kids.

What better gift is there than a special book for Dad & Baby to read together!

👉First Up: Traditional books with "Dad" characters:

Father's Day Books

1. How to Surprise Dad by Jean Reagan ($8.24) 

2. DADA by Jimmy Fallon ($5) - A cute story to help teach
your little one the word "Dad", which will probably be his first word anyways because "Da" is easier to say for new babies than "Ma" :).  This is also an animal-based character book (no race, or traditional family structure mentioned). 

3. You See, I See in the city by Michelle Sinclair Colman and Paul Schmid ($7.99) - Black characters featured in this lovely book about New York City

4. My Dad is Amazing by Hello!Lucky ($7.18) 

5. My Dad Loves Me by Marianne Richmond ($5) This is also an animal-based character book (no race, or traditional family structure mentioned). 

Animal-characters "Dad" and "Grandparent" Books

Father's Day Animal Character Books

3. Dear Girl by Amy Krouse Rosenthal ($8.83): This is a very sweet story for #GIRLDADS to read to their daughters to help build confidence and character development. 

5. Hey Grandude by Paul McCartney ($14.98): A Super sweet story about grandkids hanging out with their grandfather and going on some magic adventures together. 

"Dad" Books for toddlers or older children

Father's Day Books for Older Children
1. Daniel Goes to School by Becky Friedman ($4.99): A sweet story for kids that go to daycare or preschool to learn that "Grown-Ups Come Back" when Daniel's Dad drops him off at school. 

3. Baby Code! Play (Girls Who Code) by Sandra Horning ($13.97): A story teaching the very basics of coding to a little one and her Dad

Happy Father's Day! 

Have any other favorite 'Dad' books that you read with your little one at home? Share them below and/or tag @curiousbabyplaytime in your Instagram posts or stories! 



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