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Buy sample products at a steep discount in exchange for your thoughts!

We have a group of activity cards that were mistakenly trimmed on the edge by about 1-2mm. 
  • Since they are not perfect, we can't sell them as new, but instead we'd like to make these accessible to you at a price that feels like a great deal. Cool, right?
  • The activities and content are the exact same as our brand new cards.
  • With this limited-time offer, you will not get our fancy fun packaging, as these will ship in a white padded mailing envelope. 
  • In exchange, we ask that you help us complete one or two product surveys (about 3-5 minutes of your time) and help us build our reviews.
  • We've only got a few of these left, so act fast!
Recyclers Program to Buy Product at a Discount
*These sample cards will be $12 before tax and free shipping.