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Tarjetas de Actividades de Curious Baby (English)

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🐣 Recommended Age: 0-12 months

Developmental Focus Areas

Fine MotorEmotional and SocialCognitiveGross MotorSpeech and Language

Let Curious Baby™ Activity Cards Spark Your Child’s Curiosity!

Discover 40+ developmentally stimulating activities designed for children from birth to 12 months. These activity cards are the perfect companion for quality educational time together.

  • Convenient Design: Featuring a flexible ring clip for easy travel.
  • High-Quality Materials: Enjoy soft-touch printing and a semi-water-resistant coating for durability.
  • Engaging Content: Includes two black and white full high-contrast activities specially curated for newborns.
  • Bestseller: Loved by more than 60,000 parents worldwide

Ideal for new parents, caregivers, and grandparents, these activity cards provide a hassle-free way to engage and bond with your little one. 

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Please review our Safety Information before using any Curious Baby products.

Tarjetas de Actividades de Curious Baby (English)

100% Recycled Materials

We use 100% FSC Recyled Mix papers from sustainable sources in books (did we mention our plastic-free packaging?)

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What are ‘Activity Cards,' anyway?

Think of them like flashcards with creative playtime ideas to help you engage and support your little one’s development. And they’re made by a team of pediatricians, therapists and experts based on modern early childhood research. So it’s like you've got a team of experts right in your pocket.
See which developmental skill you’re working on

The activities included in our book span a range of five key developmental areas for child development:

  • Speech and Language
  • Physical/Gross Motor
  • Sensory and Fine Motor
  • Cognitive Development
  • Emotional and Social

You'll see the specific area highlighted on each activity that you do together, so you'll always know what you're working on together.

Learn with clear illustrations

Each activity has a clear illustration that helps guide you on how to play. All of our illustrations were carefully designed to be inclusive of all genders, caregivers and backgrounds.

Understand why each activity matters

We’ll tell you why each activity is important to your child's growth so you’re able to learn how to continue supporting them in other activities that you do together!

Know what comes next with milestones

When will baby talk? When should my baby be rolling? When should we try baby sign-language? Don’t worry. Every three months, we’ll break down all of the things that you should be seeing for your baby and what’s coming up next. But not in a 'judgy' kind of way. We know that every child is unique. We give you the most important info so you can know what’s coming up next, without any added stress.

See which developmental skill you’re working on
Learn with clear illustrations
Understand why each activity matters
Know what comes next with milestones

Hear from Real Parents (Just Like You)

We'll leave it to our customers to let you know how easy life can be with our handy little book. Give yourself a brain break and let us be your guide to awake time with baby!

Exhausted Parents Wanna Know

Look, we know you're eyes are half-open. Here are the questions other parents ask most...

We're glad you asked! Curious Baby Cards are a one-of-a-kind product to help new parents, grandparents and caregivers find engaging and developmentally-appropriate activities for their little ones.

What makes us different?

  • No extra toys or clutter - One book is all you need for baby's first year. We've designed the activities to utilize things you already have at home like a mirror, pillow, pots and pans, etc.
  • One book for a whole year -That's right. It costs less than a night out with a babysitter. No expensive subscriptions or stuff you need to buy. Each book lasts for 12+ months.
  • Medically sound information- Our medical advisory team has reviewed every activity and page of our books multiple times. That means you know that each of the activities is not only age-appropriate, but they are pediatrician-approved.
  • Color-coordinated and ready to travel - We've designed the cards to be easy to sort through. Simply locate the age range for your child and all of the cards will be the same color. And it's ring-bound to throw in your diaper bag!

We know that finding things to do together in baby's first year of life can be tough. Our cards are the answer to knowing what to do and why. We've done all the research for you, so you can simply relax and play together during these special first moments.

Nope! Our books require no extra toys, trips to the craft store, or clutter all over your house.

Our book is all you need for baby's first year. We've designed the activities to utilize things you already have at home like a mirror, pillow, pots and pans, etc. And it costs less than a night out with a babysitter. No expensive subscriptions or stuff you need to buy. And best of all, each of our books lasts for 12+ months (Except, our Speech cards last for 36 months).

We offer a LOVE IT or RETURN IT™️ Guarantee for 30 days following your delivery. If you don't like it, simply come back to our returns center to initiate your return and we've got you. That's how confident we are that you'll love your Curious Baby activity cards!

Safety is so so so so important to us.


  • Our cards are made from 100% FSC Mix Paper which is sourced from sustainable forestry and recycled materials that protect the environment
  • We use a paper lamination that has been lab-tested as free from lead and phthalates per the guidelines of CSPC Child Safety Standards.
  • All of our papers, lamination, and plastic rings have all passed required testing for children's safety products.
  • Our books were not intended to be ingested or chewed on by infants, so if your little one is using your cards as a teether, please don't allow that. If your product ever becomes significantly damaged, simply reach out to us for a replacement.

And if you want to know more...

Since we offer a book made for parents, we were actually exempt from having to do any materials testing. ⁠But because our book is used in the presence of babies, and such delicate sweet sweet newborn babies, we decided to be proactive and pursue our children's products safety certification regardless. (It's an expensive and time-consuming process, but we're the kind of company that goes the extra mile, and so the added cost and time was a no-brainer to us).

These are the following tests that we have performed on both our plastic binding rings and our lamination paper cards. And, as expected, we have passed these tests and have been issued certificates from our CSPC-accredited lab.

Tests performed:
1. 16 C.F.R. 1303 requirements for lead
2. CPSIA Section 101 requirements for lead
3. CPSIA Subsection 108(a) requirement for phthalates

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While we can't deliver to you in a matter of hours like Amazon, many folks are surprised by how fast your order leaves our warehouse and delivers to you!

Great question. We love that the internet provides a ton of accessibility to content for free, and we use Google and YouTube in our own lives, too. But we know that when it comes to early childhood development, there is a lot of noise and it's hard and time-consuming to sort through it all. (Not to mention, there's a lot of advice that isn't medically sound or age-appropriate floating out there on the internet).

Our goal is to save you TIME and HEADACHES when it comes to figuring out what to do with your baby.

So instead of sitting up all night googling "What to do with a 3-month old", just grab our book and instead, take that nap you've been putting off for months. We've done all of the research for you so you can relax and enjoy this time together. You can feel confident that the activities in our book have been reviewed and vetted by our medical research time and are safe for your baby.

Oh, and did we mention our book lasts for a whole 12 months - and costs less than a night out with a babysitter!

As we've said above, we hope that you'll support our family-owned business and order right here on this website.

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You’re not gonna find 150,000+ new parents this engaged in playtime anywhere else on the internet.


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